1111fancycolor2-310527977fa46505dce26fc4c05a6bfdPeople who use the, the Google DNS, to surf the internet, now know that a new alternative has been born: by Cloudflare.

It is a new public DNS that, according to Cloudflare, fully respects the privacy of users and is the fastest on the internet. The company claims to have talked with those who create internet browsers and that one of the recurring requests was always privacy.

“Beyond committing ourselves not to use user navigation data to help advertisers, the developers wanted all traffic records removed after a week,” explains Cloudflare. Therefore, with their new DNS they went further and decided to delete the records after 24 hours.

In addition, there is concern that the Google DNS - is widely used even when the company is always in the crosshairs of everyone for the amount of information it stores on its users. “Google’s DNS is good, but we think it’s better to have some diversity,” says Cloudflare.

The company says that all this is done to help everyone have a better internet, as they have done in the past with other actions such as offering their customers free tools to defend against DDoS attacks or encrypt information. “Three years later, the rest of the industry started doing the same thing, the web should have been encrypted from the beginning and that it is not, it’s a bug, we’re doing everything we can to correct it.”

Configuring Cloudflare’s new public DNS is relatively easy in the Wi-Fi settings of all computers and operating systems. Given its advantages in terms of speed and reliability, it seems highly advisable to start using it.

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